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 Hair & Facial Aesthetics | Hair Restoration Knoxville

Hair & Facial Aesthetics

Using the latest advancements in hair restoration and facial aesthetics such as mesotherapy, PRP and micro-needling we help both men and women restore natural hair growth.

Women's Health | Hormone Replacement Therapy

Women’s Health

 Our Hormone Replacement Therapy for women consists of performing a comprehensive evaluation to customize a hormone therapy plan that will restore your natural hormonal balance.

Men's Health | Hormone Replacement Therapy

Men’s Health

Using a variety of the most advanced, non-invasive treatments, our hormone therapy treatments can significantly improve your quality of life, energy levels, and confidence.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

Using the latest advancements in Regenerative Cellular Therapy, we are able to help many patients avoid joint surgery.


Medical Weight Loss


We offer comprehensive customized, non-surgical weight loss programs as well as IV micronutrient/vitamin therapies for wellness and recovery. Utilizing the right combination of clinical and lifestyle support, we will individualize your program to meet your needs and goals.

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